Thrive 28-day Fast

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On March 24th we begin our church-wide fast! We encourage everyone to join in! Please make sure to choose a fast that is best for your health! If you are new to fasting or are … Read More

Month of Elul

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MONTH OF ELUL August 12- September 9 Tribe: GAD Genesis 30:11; Genesis 49:19 Good expectation Rewards will begin to manifest Faithful to their commitment Characteristics: Preparation of Peace – The month of Elul is about … Read More

The Month of Av: July 13- August 11

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AV: NUMBERS 13; HEBREWS 4:1-2; Psalm 32 2 VOICES: FAITH/UNBELIEF; MIX THE PROMISE WITH FAITH Hebrew letter: TET TET resembles a womb- a month when earth contracts- the secret of pregnancy moves into the earth … Read More


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TRIBE: Zebulon was the 10th son of Jacob and the 6th son of Leah. Zebulon means “gift”, and “dwelling of honor” Enlarge my territory….. The tribe associated with Sivan is Zebulon. Zebulon was a tribe … Read More

Month of Adar

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Month of Adar – February 16-March 16 / Hebrew Year 5778 (2018) Appointed times: The Feast of Ester on 13th day. Purim on the 14th. 7 Adar I Moses’ Birth & Passing Moses was born … Read More