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Actively Retired

Group Description: Discover the perfect blend of leisure and camaraderie in our Active Retirees Connect Group! Come connect with us for a variety of activities, including delightful dining experiences, friendly bowling matches, and the thrill of Top Golf! Join us for a dynamic community of like-minded individuals who share your zest for life and leisure!

Group Meets: Wednesdays 4-6PM
Group Leads: Brenda Cambridge & Trudy Diedrick
Group Demographic: Retired Individuals (Men & Women)
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Authentic Affinity

Group Description: Games, outings, and discussions on purpose! 

Group Leaders: Samantha Perez, Aaron Williams & Kaley Craig

Group Meets: Thursdays at 6:30PM

Group Demographic: Women and men (between the ages of 20 & 35) who are not currently married.

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Breaking Free For Men

Group Description: Breaking Free is a Christ Center Connect group to help men break free from addictions, that is taking over their lives and holding them back to be the man of God that they are designed to be.

Group Leader: Jorge Pabon
Group Demographic: Men 18 and up
Group Meets: at Thrive Church on Wednesdays at 6:30pm 
Group Notes: Group will be covering the book “Search for Significant” by Robert McGee. Available for purchase on Amazon.
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Come to the Table

Group Description: Come and gather around the table to share a meal, conversation and form connections with other ladies. You are always welcome to share your needs and prayer requests in a supporting and loving environment.

Group Leaders: Vickie Lewis & Peggy Keiffer
Group Demographic: Women of all ages.
Group Meets: At Vickie Lewis' home - Thursdays at 6:00pm
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Come to the Family Room

Group Description: Connect ONLINE with our Thrive Family!

Group Leaders: Barika Poole & Dale Goenner
Group Demographic: Men & Women 18+
Group Meets: Online - Thursdays at 7pm
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Constitution Alive!

Group Description: Formal video classes on the US Constitution, history, founders

Group Leaders: Janette Keeling & Kimberly Joly
Group Meets: At Thrive Church on Wednesdays at 6:30PM
Group Demographic: Women & Men of All Ages
Notes: Optional workbook available for individual purchase (your group leaders will go over this in more detail).

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Couples Connection

Group Description: Connecting Young Adult Couples

Group Leaders: Elisha and Olivia Jordan
Group Meets: At the Jordan's home on Wednesdays at 7PM
Group Demographic: Dating, engaged & married couples. Ages 20-35

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Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

Group Description: Each week we will select a different Disney park or resort to meet at. You must be able to provide your own transportation to and from each location unless you are carpooling with someone else in the group.

Group Leaders: Jessica Amador & Christina Conley
Group Meets: Multiple Locations at Walt Disney World on Fridays 5:30PM-8:30PM
Group Demographic: Adults & Children (with Disney annual passes that include Fridays) between the ages of 25-50. We will have special "Adult Only" Dates as well. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Notes: A calendar with locations and events will be provided and will include Adult Only Dates. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Each person will be responsible for any financial purchases made including souvenirs, food, beverages, parking and misc items.

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Girls of Grace- Group Full

Group Description: Ladies Dinner Out! Each week we will meet at a restaurant and fellowship over a meal together!

Group Leaders: Kelli Pharo & Rebecca Simms
Group Meets: At Restaurants on Thursdays at 6:30 PM
Group Demographic: Women


Golf on Sundays

Group Description: Bring your own clubs and let's fellowship on the course!

Group Leader: Pastor Kevin
Group Meets: Sundays at 3:30pm (golf courses will be scheduled)
Group Demographic: Players with their own clubs

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Grillin' & Chillin' 

Group Description: Men’s fellowship hanging out and enjoying food and fellowship down by the grill!

Group Leaders: Tim Lewis & Scott Simms
Group Meets: At the Lewis' House on Thursdays at 7:00 PM
Group Demographic: Men 18+



Group Description: A time of coffee and study of Hebrews

Group Leaders: Shirley & Ron Craig
Group Meets: at Thrive Church on Tuesdays at 3pm
Group Demographic: Women and men of all ages


Let’s Get Moving!

Group Description: Physically moving by walking and spiritually moving by making new connections with others.

Group Leaders: Evelyn Maldonado & Pam Harris
Group Meets: At Thrive Church on Wednesday at 7pm
Group Demographic: Women

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Pray and Play

Group Description: Fellowship and Play time

Group Leaders: Pam Mackay & Sandra Ellis
Group Meets: Saturday at 3:00 pm (location will be sent by leaders before meeting)
Group Demographic: Men and women of all ages.

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Pray, Eat & Play

Group Description: We will share a meal, play games and pray

Group Leaders: Laura and Marc Belen
Group Meets: At the Belen's home on Sundays at 6:00pm
Group Demographic: Women and men

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Sweet Saturdays

Group Description: Add a little sweetness to your Saturday! We’re coming together to create mouthwatering treats and forge lasting connections. Each week we'll explore a new recipe, share laughter, and savor the satisfaction of our baked creations. As the weeks unfold, you'll gather a collection of cherished recipes that capture the essence of togetherness.

Group Leaders: Amy Levesque & Gennesie
Group Meets: at Amy's home in Apopka on Saturday at 10AM
Group Demographic: ages 16 and up

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The God Who Sees Me

Group Description: A Bible study of Hagar, the Samaritan woman at the well, and Mary Magdalene

Group Leaders: Hillary Sweeney & Cindy Zevolo
Group Meets: at Thrive Church on Wednesdays at 7 PM

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Ladies Community Group

Group Description: What is God saying to you through Sunday’s message?  How about we talk about it?  Let’s create a strong community of believers with; meaningful Fellowship, Prayer and discussions about what God is doing in and through your life! 

Group Leaders: Sharon McBride & Sherry Marsden
Group Meets: At Thrive Church on Wednesdays at 7PM
Group Demographic: Women

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Women of Purpose

Group Description: To lead women to be set free from hurts and pain from their past that holds them back from receiving ALL God has for them. To gain confidence so they can fulfill the plan and the purpose God has for them.

Group Leaders: Patty Pabon
Group Meets: At Thrive Church on Wednesdays at 7PM
Group Demographic: Women 18+

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Watch-In and Prayer

Group Description: Watches and Prayer!

Group Leaders: Pastor Kevin & Eber Figueroa

Group Meets: At Thrive Church on Saturdays at 8AM

Group Demographic: Men

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Worthy Women

Group Description: Embracing Your Identity in Christ

Group Leaders: Veronica DePryor & Jessica Schlegel
Group Meets: At Thrive Church on Thursdays at 7PM
Group Demographic: Women 18+

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